Improved Processes, Sterile Instruments, Reduced costs and Safe patients. The expectations on the medical market are always moving but emphasis on achieving the highest results with a more efficient use of resources is truer today than ever before.

The increased requirements on reprocessing make material compatibility as important as a wide spectrum of cleaning and disinfecting effectiveness. Proven and reliable products with short contact times, low use concentration are essential in clinical daily life to guarantee smooth, fast and economical processes.

Amity’s comprehensive range of innovative products meets the highest international safety standards and in the automated & manual decontamination of instruments, guarantees high level of safety for users and patients. The vast majority of pathogens are present in organic matter, e.g. visible soil, the first step in reprocessing, cleaning, is the most important. Any failure to remove soil at this point creates the  potential for transmission of infection as the efficacy of   subsequent disinfection or sterilization will be compromised.